Pat Gillespie, 77-year-old man from Flint (Michigan), was unloading groceries from his car in front of his home when he was approached by a gunman. The gunman asked Pat to empty all his pockets, but Pat did the unthinkable – he attacked the gunman with a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. The gunman shot him in his groin, but he still kept on attacking him with the bottle. As a result, the gunman fled away with nothing!



“It was just instinct,” said Gillespie.  “I don’t like people trying to take my stuff.  I’m not a fighter but I don’t need any b.s. from anybody. This is my house.”

Only after the crook and his accomplice ran off did Gillespie go inside and call his neighbor.

The crime struck a nerve in the normally quiet Mott Park neighborhood. It prompted residents to protest in front of city hall on Friday.

“I’m seething right now about it,” said neighbor Don Perdue.  “This neighborhood in general is not going to put up with this kind of stuff. There (are) many good professional people that have pride in this neighborhood.”

Besides a small limp, Gillespie is recovering at home and doing fine.  He even drank almost all the Pepsi from his weapon of choice.

“I often wondered what I would do if something like that happened,” said Gillespie.


Pat Gillespie, the Soda vigilante


Great job Pat! I am sure you have given some good nightmares to the mugger with regards to 2 liter Pepsi bottles. I wonder if the Coke bottles would have been better?



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