Police said the man stole the limo and was charging passengers. But that an alert resident who knew the limo was stolen called up the real owner, who then called police.

Limo driver fight with suspect theif to get his limo back

The owner was caught fighting with the theif in the police dashcam.

The video shows the two men struggling until the robber slips out of his jacket and shirt.Police said the thief then ran into a McDonald’s on 8 Mile Road near Kelly Road.“The suspect is able to get away and flees away into the McDonald’s restaurant and runs behind the counter,” said Eastpointe Police Lt. Leo Borowsky.

The limo’s passengers slowly step out, apparently unaware of all that is happening.Borowsky said the man then decided to make a run for it, crashing through a window at the restaurant.“He was definitely out of control,” Borowsky said.Borowsky said the man ran back to the limo and tried to hide in the backseat.He was hit with a Taser by police and arrested.The man can be heard yelling, “I give up! I give up!” on the tape.“If that vehicle had gotten back on the road, and they ended up in a high-speed pursuit, it would have been very dangerous,” Borowsky said. “It was very good that they caught him before that.”Police said drugs may have been involved.

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