60-Year old Jenny Chapman has been diagnosed as Britain’s loudest snore, a snore that is louder than the noise of a jet engine. She snores at 111.6 decibels – eight decibels louder than the roar of a low-flying jet. The snore is much louder than the sound of a spinning washing machine, diesel truck, farm tractor or speeding express train.

Jenny Chapman is Britain's ludest snore


Mrs Chapman, from Deeping St James, near Peterborough, Cambs., said: ”I was shocked to hear how loud my snoring was at its peak. I knew I was noisy but not that noisy.

”It was a bit embarrassing to be told in front of everyone but it was all good fun by then.

”The experts said it was the loudest they had ever experienced. I can sympathise with my husband now who is always complaining.

”They recommended tips for healthy living but I won’t be giving up alcohol totally just yet – that’s too much to ask.”

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


She is loud enough to wake both herself and her husband Colin. The poor guy has been sleeping in the spare room for at least 5 days a weeks for their past 18 years of married life.

I really feel sorry for Colin!


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