A 20-year old man got so annoyed by his mother-in-law’s refusal to leave his party that he pepper sprayed her!

Man pepper sprays his mother-in-law


Some people find it difficult to get on with their mother-in-law, but one man in Eastern Jutland was so enraged by his wife’s mother he pepper sprayed her.

JydskeVestkysten newspaper reports that a 20-year-old man in Juelsminde was not pleased that his mother-in-law returned to his party yesterday after she had already been shown to the door.

The man grabbed some pepper spray and emptied the canister in her face. The woman reported the incident to police and he is now likely to be charged with violence and possessing an illegal weapon.

Source: www.cphpost.dk


We have all seen annoying “in-laws” at parties, but pepper spraying them is a little too much.



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