A 47-year old Ukrainian man’s arm got stuck in a public toilet when he made an attempt to retrieve his wad of cash that had fallen into the toilet.

Man's arm gets stuck in a toilet in Ukraine

He was busy doing his private business, when he accidentally dropped 200 hryvnias ($24) into the public toilet in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernigov. In his efforts to rescue his cash, he got his arm hopelessly stuck up to his elbow.

It took the emergency workers 3 hours to get his arm out of the commode and the worst part of the story is – he lost the money too!


The emergency workers removed tiles, drilled the toilet out of concrete floor and cut the outlet pipe, but the man’s arm remained trapped in the chute. Hydraulic shears and a plumber’s torch were finally used to cut the man free.

The man was unharmed, although 200 hryvnias poorer, while the toilet was completely destroyed.

Source: en.rian.ru


This is not the first time that people have got their arms stuck in the toilets and made news.

A year ago a high-speed TGV train in France was delayed for two hours when a man got his arm stuck down a toilet after dropping a cell phone, and this May a U.S. woman was trapped while trying to retrieve a gold tooth that had fallen into the toilet bowl.Source: en.rian.ru

All these toilets should have the warning –

“Don’t put your hand in the toilet. What goes inside doesn’t come out!”


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