While working behind the counter at your local convenience store, an obviously drunk man approaches rambling about something completely incoherent, do you:

A) Ask the man politely to leave
B) Slap the man, then insist he leave
C) Empty the register into a bag, and throw the bag at the man … and hope the man leaves on his own

If you guessed C, you are 100% correct … at least, thats what our idiot clerks in Iowa’s Five Star Snacks and More decided to do.

Waterloo police say clerks at a convenience store that was robbed twice in recent months threw money at a man in a case of a mistaken robbery.

The clerks at Five Star Snacks and More thought they were being robbed last Thursday when they were confronted by a rambling man
who had his hand in his pocket.

Police Capt. John Beckman says the clerks put money in a bag and threw it the man, who left it alone and walked out of the store.

Police say the man was drunk and the robbery suspicions were a mistake.

The man was arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and interference.Source: www.kcrg.com

Personally, I think the man should be allowed to keep the money, and the idiots behind the counter should be held responsible.

Headline stolen from Fark


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