Eric Anderson, 25, wanted to do something big and new to propose to his girlfriend, 28-year old Rachel Clark. He noticed that the bus stop that his girlfriend took had a advertisement space open. He contacted JCDecaux, which manages the city’s bus shelters with his offer. They typically rent that space for $3000 per month but his intentions made the company rent out the place for a week for a discounted price.


“At first I was afraid it wouldn’t be very romantic — it’s a bus station,” he said. “But I mentioned it to her sister and my cousin, and they were both excited about it. I had two women who liked it, so I went with it.”Source:

The message read as follows –


I love you!

Let’s be a Team forever!

Will you marry me?



Eric proposes Rachel with a bus shelter advertsiement

It included symbols of a heart (for love), the scales of justice (she’s an attorney), a gear (he’s an engineer for Ford Motors) and a knot (as in, let’s tie the …) running down the side.


I was lost in my own little world,” Clark said of arriving at the stop Wednesday. “I marched up to the bus stop, and he was standing behind it. … He’s like, ‘Read the sign!’ I started giggling and laughing going, ‘Yes, yes!’ “

As morning commuters ignored the Lakeview couple, Anderson got down on one knee and presented Clark, 28, with a stone passed down in his family for 130 years.



Well done Eric!

And congratulations to the couple.

Eirc, what is next for the wedding? You have to live up to the proposal!


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