The life of a lawyer is a tough one.  Trying to balance one’s cocaine habit with one’s prostitution habit is something I wouldn’t wish on my enemies.  However, when you are blind it makes the juggling act all the more difficult.

Meet John F. Peoples, a blind lawyer that loves his prostitutes.  John met a nice young prostitute by the name of Ginger Deal and worked out an ‘arrangement’.

Peoples, who is an attorney, is also blind. And, as he said in court, it is difficult for a blind man to meet women. So, for six months, he paid Ginger Deal $375 every other week for an hour of erotic services. Peoples later found out that Deal took advantage of his disability, and got him to sign off on credit card slips for much higher amounts.Source:

When Ginger took advantage of John, the total amount came to be roughly $8500.  So, what does a lawyer do in such a situation?  Sue everyone involved, of course … including Discover Card, the credit card company used to make said transaction possible. 

What does Ginger say about this? 

For her part, Deal contends she was providing Peoples with Pilates lessons, which Peoples dismissed as “ridiculous” as he has “arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome.”Source:

Well, that is just dirty.  What kind of Prostitute would take advantage of a blind man?  Wait, never mind … scratch that.

For some more details about this case:


Peoples, 60, of Broomall, who has been legally blind since birth, claims to have met Dayle through an escort-services Web site.

He said that he had sessions with her about every other week for six months in 2007 at $275 to $375 an hour.

He said that he charged the sessions to his Discover card and signed a receipt – which he couldn’t see – that Dayle told him had the agreed-upon amount – usually $750 for two hours.

But on 11 occasions, Dayle actually charged him $1,100 and in one case $1,600, “knowing he was blind and could not see he was being tricked,” according to court records.



It seems that John Peoples learned a valuable lesson … always pay cash.


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