Don’t you hate it when you go to the pool and there are just too many people there? You can hardly see your kid because there are at least 5 other kids between you and them, or the group that are just 5 feet from you are too loud or too drunk? 

Yeah, I hate that too. But, looking at these photos of a pool in China’s capital, Beijing, makes me feel much more comfortable. 

How do these people stand it in such a crowded pool? Can you imagine how much piss there must be in there? You couldn’t pay me enough to get into that water. I just don’t understand it. 

Also, whats with all the tubes? Is it to keep at least a bit of distance between you and the next guy? Or, is there a problem with people being packed so tightly that people drown? Regardless, like I’ve already mentioned, I wouldn’t get into that pool if you paid me!






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