It seems that a large percentage of men these days have a serious problem with Photoshop and its effect on women. If a model’s photo was heavily Photoshopped, or even if Photoshop is suspected, many men will scream foul claiming that the woman looks much better natural and Photoshop is ruining the image.

Makeup, however, has been around far longer than Photoshop, and its effects can be seen as even more drastic. While Photoshop can only be applied to digital images, makeup is used daily by most women around the world, regularly fooling men into thinking that the women they are conversing with are far more beautiful than they actually are. 

I don’t find this bad in any way, I personally feel that women (and men) should do everything in their power to look good. However, given this trend of hating on Photoshop, I was hoping to point out that Makeup can equally change a woman’s features. Some other time I may even do a piece on how proper lighting and the right photographer can do just as much to a woman’s image as Photoshop could.

Below are a set of images taken from a Chinese website where a woman shows just how much makeup can change a woman’s complexion. The results are quite impresive. 



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