David Taranto, 31-year old FDNY EMT from Staten Island, is accused of fondling a female car crash victim and tried to insinuate himself into a romance with her in the days following the wreck. The incident happened in Richmond on May 16.

(An unrelated FDNY Ambulance)

The woman was shaken up in the crash, and once she was in an ambulance, Taranto took his stethoscope, placed it underneath her shirt, and cupped her breast in his hand, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

He told her she had a “beautiful body,” the source said, and accompanied her to the hospital, staying with her for three hours.

At one point, the source said, he took her cell phone and called his own number with it. Over the next few days, he called her and sent her texts, inviting her to his house, the source said. She told him that she was uncomfortable with the contact, and contacted authorities, the source said.Source: www.silive.com

Police arrested Taranto and charged him with a single count of third-degree sexual abuse. He has been suspended without pay for 30 days following the arrest.



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