Joel Hardman, 22-year old MSc student at the University of Birmingham, was arrested after a shopper reported seeing someone "dressed like a mannequin" walk into women’s restroom. He later emerged from a locked cubicle and admitted that he was performing a sex act (of the self-gratification kind) inside it.

The pervert would put up a mask and a wig to spy on women in the restrooms. He claims that he finds the sound of women on the toilet sexually exciting. His phone had three images of women’s feet taken beneath cubicle doors and an audio recording of a flushing toilet. He pleaded guilty to observing another person doing a private act for his own sexual gratification.

Jonathan Purser, prosecuting, said Hardman, believed to be an MSc student at the University of Birmingham, told a Bullring security guard: “Yes, I’ve been a bit weird.”

He told police he found the sound of women on the toilet sexually exciting and said to officers: “It’s good you’ve caught me – maybe now I’ll stop.”

Mr Purser said Hardman was caught out after the shopper saw him enter the Bullring’s female toilets at 3pm on April 3 “dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig”.

The court heard Hardman confessed he had done it once before, in the women’s toilets at a university campus, but moved to the Bullring “because it was busier”.

Asked why he had done it, he replied: “I get sexual gratification out of everything that goes on in women’s toilets.”Source:


So, you are telling me that you get-off on the sounds of flush, fart, pee, poo, etc. in a women’s restroom? Yes sir, you are very weird!


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