In 2004, 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down outside a liquor store in, but the case was never solved. In 2008, Kevin Lloyd, a homicide investigator investigating the 2004 case, was going through photos of tattooed gang members when he came across Anthony Garcia, whose tattoo showed the crime scene of the shooting.

The tattoo was detailed enough as it showed –   Christmas lights on the roof; the street lamp in the corner; and the murder victim depicted as a peanut, which is a gang terminology for a rival gang member. And for the final confession – the tattoo was a banner reading “Rivera Kills”—a reference to the Rivera-13 gang.

It’s not unusual for gang members to get tattoos that reference events in their lives–either symbolically or literally–as a way to impress their peers. But Homicide Lt. Dave Dolson said a tattoo that actually laid out its owner’s involvement in an unsolved murder was something new.

“I haven’t seen it before, and I haven’t heard of anything like it either,” Dolson told the paper.

Captain Mike Parker said cops had Garcia himself to thank for wrapping the case up. “Think about it,” Parker said. “He tattooed his confession on his chest. You have a degree of fate with this.”

So, if you are thinking about a tattoo – make sure you don’t regret it later!




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