Two walkers in the frozen wastes of Siberia (near Irkutsk, Russia) claim to have stumbled upon the body of an alien – a dead alien. The alien seems to have a slender body which is badly damaged as it was found buried in the snow.

And yes, they did take a video with their cellphone, which has gone viral on youTube.

Check the video –

Part of the right leg is missing and there are deep holes for eyes and a mouth in a skull-like head.

Interestingly the region is also a hotspot for UFO/alien spotters.


But it does make you ask some questions –

  • How come the alien look similar to ET’s alien (or rest of the movie aliens)? Maybe Steven Spielberg has met one?
  • How did the alien get to Siberia? Maybe there is a spaceship nearby? Or some time portal or gate?
  • Why are all aliens always found in the nude?

Any more to add?


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