Cherie Margaret Davis, 65-year old teacher at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology in New Zealand, crashed her car on March 19 as she was driving her car from Grovetown to Picton (both in New Zealand). She is reported to have set the cruise control of her car at 100kmh, “got out her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth”. After veering to the left in Tuamarina, she over-corrected and crashed into a rock bank on the right side of the road.This might have all been just fine, if she hadn’t been drinking as well.

The legal limit for blood alchol level is 80mg and her’s was 135mg.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time she was caught for DUI.

The first time was at 6.45pm on March 13 when Davis was driving towards Renwick along Old Renwick Rd. She drifted to the left side of the road and collided with a red Toyota, Mr Single said.

She did not stop and another driver called the police to report a car “driving all over the road”.

Police eventually found Davis at a house in Renwick where she denied knowing anything about the incident. She claimed she had a drink after arriving home but later admitted she had been drinking during the day.

Police found red paint marks on her white car and a black rubber strip from the Toyota wedged in the car door, Mr Single said.

Davis was found to have an excess blood alcohol level of 149mg.

Police banned her from driving but visited her later in the night after a report she had breached the ban. They saw her lying in the hallway and it took them 30 minutes to get into the house.Source:

Davis admitted to all the charges – two charges of drink-driving, two of careless use and one of driving while prohibited. She blamed the recent earthquake leading to her almost non-existent job to her condition.


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