Norwegian jumpers decided to try their luck in Rio de Janeiro, where they are not just going to land in the densely populated area without the necessary permission, but have chosen a very dangerous way to landing. Video in which a crew member flew “just a few meters away from death,” was posted on YouTube.

Louis Vorz and Jock Sommer organized that adventure with a jump at 5:45 am, because they knew that the first local private airlines flights depart from 6:05 am, writes The Daily Mail. However, in order to put their plans into action, they needed no more than three minutes. Imprinted on the video, the men dressed in wingsuit, jump from an aircraft. In the panorama below them not some deserted airfield, but lively center of the Brazilian metropolis. 

Wingsuit allows Norwegians fly horizontally at a speed of 80-100 km / h. It can be seen as one of the parachutists flying first moves directly toward the two skyscrapers, which are separated by a distance of several meters. At first, there is the impression that the skydiver hits the right building, but he “changed course” and clearly flies between skyscrapers. Second, according to the video, avoided the “hole”, probably could not make it?!  They both land safely under the cheering and applause of the crowd.

The video, which appeared online on March 15, managed to see more than 300 thousand people.




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