Do you want your feet to look like horse feet and legs?

If yes, then you are in luck as shoes made in the style of real horses’ feet and legs and complete with genuine horse hair are to go on sale at the Cheltenham Festival.


The shoes are sold for £1,300 a pair. It is all for a good cause as all sales proceeds go to charity.


Model Louise Dainton, 25, from Essex, posed on a turf catwalk wearing the human horse shoes.

She said:’They are really comfortable and almost make you feel like you want to get on the track and gallop down the final furlong.

‘I’m not sure they’re for everyone, but I definitely would like a pair of these hooves.’  



The shoes are made using imitation carbon-fibre hoof with 5,000 horse hairs. They are available into two designs, knee-length and ankle-length design.


Makes you wonder if they are good for kicking too?



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