What does a woman do after she finds out that her husband’s business conference was a vacation at St Lucia with a female "friend" from Turkey? Not sure about other women, but this woman flew to Chicago IL from East Coast, to cut off the crotches out of the woman’s dresses. She claims that when she arrived at their Wilmette home, she found that the husband had hidden everything about her and she found another woman’s clothes in a closet.

Wilmette police report that after the man and the "other" woman pulled into his home on March 5, after the week of vacation, they spotted a suitcase in his driveway. The suitcase is reported to have the woman’s clothing shredded and "all of the damage to the pants was in the area of the crotch." The damage of around 10 pieces of clothing is reported to be worth $1500-$2000.

The wife told investigators she returned to her home, also from out of town, and was enraged after finding her husband "had hidden everything that would reveal he was married." She found the other woman’s clothes in a closet, cut various items with a pair of scissors, put them in a suitcase and left it in the home’s driveway.Source: www.wgntv.com


After the incident, the wife then stayed with a friend nearby overnight before flying home the next day.

(St Lucia)

The husband alleges the couple are separated and he was simply on a business trip with a friend who was visiting him from Turkey. The wife alleges they are not separated,  that the two of them are still married and talk regularly, but live apart because of their work situations.

No charges were filed as the "other" woman refused to sign a criminal complaint.

What would you do, if you were in her position?


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