In a museum of St. Petersburg there is a model of Russia called ‘Grand Model’. It’s not an exact copy of some Russian city, as many think it is; it is a smaller version of the country’s lifestyle and organization. Take a look!

Shuttle buses near the railway station. Note the way they are parked relative to the markings.

A dormitory area.

A yard.

A mine.

A naval base.

Country cottages (dachas).

Men reparing a ‘Volga’.

Russian roads as they are.


An old diesel locomotive.

The ‘Sapsan’.

This railroad is operational.

This is its control room.

A towerbell of St. Nicholas Church in the city of Kalyazin.


They stay in this tourist base.

Aeronauts at some festival.

Model agriculture.

Tractors are working in the field.

A pig farm.

One of the pigs has escaped from the farm.

A haymaking.

A shepherd and his sheep.

Building technique.

A train carrying coal.

Building something.

Night has come.

But they keep working at night too.

People do not only work in that model, some of them have fun at the beach.

Other are testing their SUVs.

And jumping off the bridge.


The Siberian meteorite.

‘Winter Olympics 2014′.

Sochi beaches.

Taking photos with a monkey.

Having fun.

St. Petersburg.

Vasilyevsky Island.

An event in St. Petersburg.

There are many curious details in the model.

Looks like the city of Kalinigrad.

English Russia


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