A 35-year old Muslim man was kicked off a train in Sweden, bound for Flen (south of the Swedish Capital Stockholm, for failing to show his ticket to conductor while he was deep in prayer.

In order not to disturb fellow passengers, he made his way to a calm and secluded compartment – something he had done several times before.
”I started to pray but then the conductor arrived and shoved me three times in the back almost causing me to topple over. Then she said ‘Show me the ticket! Hey!’,” the man told news site Nyheter24.
The man refused to show his monthly rail pass to the female conductor as he felt he couldn’t interrupt his prayers once he had started.
However, as soon as he was finished he thought it appropriate to go look for her and show his ticket.
”I went looking for her and showed her my pass. Instead of looking at it she said I should have shown it to her when she came by earlier,” he said.
The man was told he would have to get off the train at the next stop.
”She was ice cold. I feel demeaned and discriminated against,” he told Nyheter24.
The man, who prays five times a day, tried to explain himself and said that he had never had any problems praying on the train before.
”We have the right to kick you off the train and if you don’t comply we will telephone the police,” the conductor allegedly answered him.
The man, who didn’t have anywhere to sleep that night if he didn’t get home, refused to leave the train, according to the news site. Source: www.thelocal.se

The conductor did call the police who were waiting from him in the next station. He wasn’t allowed to get back on the train by the condutor. He somehow made it to Stockholm but had to spend the night in a mosque in Akalla.

Later when he contacted the the train services customer service department where they agreed that it was not acceptable and sent him a voucher worth 1,000 kronor ($152).

Rules of religion or rules of country, which one would you pick?



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