Let’s make a summer urban trip across one of the most famous cities of Russia called Yekaterinburg.

Climbing the 265-meter derrick in the city.

Enjoying the view of boarding planes in an airport.

Staying at the take-off ground is prohibited but worth it as nobody can run the emotions felt being under a plane that is getting off the ground.

Square of February Revolution.

White nights can be observed in the city.

Factory roofs.

A plant.

A cooling tower.

Inside the tower.

The TV tower.

The dawn on the second day.

The 265-meter tower mentioned in the beginning of the post.

The city pond.

The business center.

The TV tower and the Circus.

Inside the gold producing mine.

The descent.

Subway stations.

Roof of the circus building.

Another picturesque place which is located next to the lake.

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