It is not unusual for flights at New York’s JFK Airport to incur delays and usually it is difficult to blame someone (airline, airport, FAA, crew or even passengers) for it, but yesterday it was easy – the whole blame went to sex starved turtles trying to cross the tarmac (over runway 4L) to get to their seasonal breeding grounds.

The airport shut down runway 4L and sent workers to clear runway of the slow-moving diamondback terrapins who were headed to their natural breeding grounds in Jamaica Bay.

JetBlue tweeted through the process –

“JFK is experiencing delays as the airport clears turtles off the runway,” JetBlue Airways wrote on its Twitter feed around 9:40 a.m., adding the hashtag “cantmakethisup.”

JetBlue justified the delay by noting, “Running over turtles is not healthy for them, nor is it good for our tires.”

Within hours someone created “JFK Turtles” Twitter feed that quickly amassed thousands of followers and tweeted

“The Port Authority can’t contain us. Watch out La Guardia”

Poor turtles! All they want was a little fun at the Jamaica Bay party.


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