Chiara Bagley, a Fort Worth (Texas) native from Houston, was prevented from boarding a Southwest Airlines flight because of her size. She was leaving Thursday morning from Houston’s Hobby Airport for a vacation with friends in South Carolina on a Southwest Airlines flight, when she was pulled out from the security line and asked to pay $416 for an additional ticket. Southwest Airlines has a policy that requires passengers who can’t fit in one seat to buy two tickets.

“How are they saying I’m too big to fit in the seat? How do you know? You never tried to see if I could fit in the seat or not. So how do you know?” she said.

She said she’s flown Southwest several times before and has never had an issue with her size.

“I was embarrassed at the counter. There was no consideration for my feelings. There was no empathy,” she said. “All I want to do is be able to go and enjoy my summer vacation, enjoy my trip with my friends.”Source:

Though later, Bagley was allowed to board a later flight without purchasing an extra ticket.

I do agree with the humiliation that Bagley had to go through, but why didn’t she just buy two seats earlier? I have nothing against over-sized passengers but sitting next to one is a big discomfort!


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