Easter break is coming up and if you haven’t finalized your vacation plans yet, how about renting an entire country for just $70,000 a night? Liechtenstein, the European country includes soaring Alps, verdant valleys and romantic castles – all included in the package.

The Principality of Liechtenstein  is a doubly landlocked alpine country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east. Its area is just over 160 km² (about 61.7 square miles), and it has an estimated population of 35,000. Its capital is Vaduz; the biggest town is Schaan. Liechtenstein has the second highest gross domestic product per person in the world.

Liechtenstein is the smallest yet the richest (by measure of GDP per capita) German-speaking country in the world and the only country to lie entirely within the Alps. It is the only predominantly German-speaking country not to share a common border with Germany. It is a constitutional monarchy divided into 11 municipalities. Much of Liechtenstein’s terrain is mountainous, making it a winter sports destination. Many cultivated fields and small farms characterize its landscape both in the south (Oberland, upper land) and in the north (Unterland, lower land). The country has a strong financial sector located in the capital, Vaduz, and has been identified as a tax haven. It is a member of the European Free Trade Association and part of the European Economic Area but not of the European Union.Source: en.wikipedia.org

Airbnb, a San-Francisco based holiday accommodation website, has struck a deal with a Liechtenstein events production and marketing firm to hire out the entire country to anyone looking for that perfect mountain vacation.


Those who travel to the country, between Austria and Switzerland, will have accommodation for 150 guests.

They will have the run of the land and use of the country’s police, even though Liechtenstein has one of the lowest crime rates in the area.

The new  temporary ‘owners’ of country will be presented with a symbolic key to the country in a ceremony at the state parliament.

Although there is a two-night minimum stay, the guests will be treated to  wine-tasting from the Prince of Liechtenstein’s personal cellar, skiing and a sumptuous dinner overlooking Vaduz Castle.

Other options include tobogganing, fireworks and horse-drawn carriage rides through the capital Vaduz.

Unfortunately, people who might have wanted some privacy will be disappointed as the country’s 30,000 population will be allowed to stay.Source: www.dailymail.co.uk




Interestingly, before this deal, Snoop Dogg wanted to rent the country for a music video and was given a stern refusal.

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Description (from here)

Whenever people from the small Principality of Liechtenstein talk about the size of their country, it’s not something that can really be measured, as size is defined differently in such a small area. Size means familiarity, love of fine details and hospitality – qualities from which you will most definitely benefit from. The magic of the state’s compactness is also based on facts: about 33,000 inhabitants living in a total of eleven villages create a feeling of closeness and belonging, a feeling that is not lost on its guests.


The check in could take place in the wine-growing estate of the Prince with a wine-tasting session, or right in the very heart of the capital city Vaduz, or at the foot of the Gutenberg Fortress in Balzers with its medieval market. Or why not on the banks of the Rhine, the “frontier” river, in a Wild West style town?

As you see, we are able to offer you quite a number of creative alternatives and settings to conduct the check in activities for your event.

Now it’s for you to decide whether you’d rather be chauffeured to your evening programme in American vintage sedan cars or would prefer a horse-drawn carriage.


Renting a whole state definitely requires a certain ceremonial flair.

The symbolic key to the state is presented to you at the new state parliament or in front of the government building before you set off for an expedition into the mines and the dice quiz that takes you on a tour of the sights.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a torchlight hike in the evening and a cheese spaetzle dinner (pasta speciality with alpine cheese) followed later by tobogganing.


The whole country offers plenty of conference venues with almost unlimited facilities and amenities. All of these sites – from simple rustic mountain lodges and an old mine, to the Art Museum or the University of Applied Sciences – unique settings for your official conference activities abound.

Why not give your participants a relaxing break with a team-building sports activity and an ensuing picnic out in the open? They will reward you with renewed energy and creativity.


When you rent a whole country, you are offered a great variety of options, both in summer and in winter. You can visit the Prince’s wine cellars and taste various wines or experience a sunset at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level followed by a torchlight hike and a night camping out in the open in bivouacs.

In winter, Malbun offers you a wonderful skiing area up to an altitude of 2,000 m. With cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe hiking and many more activities that will allow you to explore the magical winter landscape.

You can choose from a large selection of programmes covering creative art events, culinary events or sports activities that are customized to fit your participants’ needs. Please contact us, and we will send you our catalogue of ideas.


We could set up a glass marquee for you right in the centre of the capital city Vaduz, with a view of Vaduz Castle, the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Or why not use the spacious Vaduz Hall or maybe the historical university ballroom for the final event?

Enjoy sumptuous buffets or waited service and fine dining while listening to soft music in the background. The evening can be complemented by artistic performances or fireworks.

Walk past the Art Museum and stroll along the pedestrian zone to the bars. At the foot of Vaduz Castle you can party into the early morning hours.


For a cosy wrap-up session your participants meet again before departure, either in Triesenberg, Planken or Schellenberg villages with gorgeous panoramic views of Liechtenstein and the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria. At a regional jazz brunch your guests can talk about their experiences and impressions of the past few days and further their contacts.

In this way, the waiting period for participants travelling by organized shuttles to airports or train stations can be still be full with stuff to do as the event slowly draws to an end.


House Rules (from here)


The Rent a Village by Xnet Concept:

With Rent a Village by Xnet on Airbnb, the entire village is yours — at least for a few days. The Rent a Village concept is a unique format and venue for events, primarily corporate events and retreats. With Rent a Village by Xnet, your event doesn’t take place in some generic hotel or resort, but throughout the entire landscape of a beautiful village. The villages, or the country, are transformed into the venue for the event by branding everything from city squares and street signs, to temporary currencies, and more; drawing heavily on the local vendors and service providers to deliver an exceptionally customized experience set against the beautiful landscape of each destination. The people, local businesses, as well as clubs and associations, earn a living by providing all of the services, from accommodations and catering, to infrastructure and activity production.

Would you like to know more about the “rent a village by Xnet” idea?

We advise and support you – from the very first idea through to the implementation of the whole event and the accounting afterwards. It all starts with your ideas and a project briefing. Within one week we will submit a first proposal (in PowerPoint format for company-based presentations) and a cost estimate to you. After changes and adaptations have been made to the proposal we will compile a document listing in detail all the services to be provided by Xnet. This serves as a contract that is valid upon acceptance and signature. You can download our general business terms here. (Terms of Business Xnet AG)

A detailed list, containing the order of events, will be updated until shortly before the start of the programme itself and serves as your timetable and our tasks schedule. Your ideas are put into action by our well-coordinated team and the service providers on site, with whom we have successfully co-operated for many years. After a detailed invoice control, we will provide you with all the billing documents enabling you to compare projected and actual costs, claim any VAT (Value Added Tax) refunds and to make payments.

Please contact us and benefit from our years of experience and our ideas for your next memorable event. We will be pleased to visit you and provide you with further information, free of charge and without any obligations on your part.


Who are the people behind “rent a village by Xnet”?

We put the “rent a village by Xnet” idea into action for the first time in Brand, Austria, in 1996. Due to the great demand for our services we founded the shareholding company Xnet Event Marketing in 1999 with Karl Schwärzler as the manager.

Does Xnet organize only “rent a village by Xnet” events?

We organize and attend to any type of event marketing, such as worldwide incentive travelling, corporate events, company anniversaries, conferences and conventions, motivation and team-building events, destination management, fairs, event and service networks for technology, marquee set-up, outdoor events, artists, presenters and action art.

What is the difference between “rent a village by Xnet” and conventional events?

Your event does not simply take place at any location or in the anonymous atmosphere of an urban hotel that caters to the masses, but in a whole village or small town, including all the inhabitants. Far away from the daily grind, right in the centre of a soothing landscape, your participants can ideally combine work and relaxation and as a result gain new energy and creativity.

For what types of events is “rent a village by Xnet” best suited?

Since the various elements of a “rent a village by Xnet” event can be customized to fit your needs and the occasion, you can hire our services for many types of events. Our focus, however, is on conferences, incentives, product presentations and team-building activities. We will be pleased to visit you in your company and to inform you about our services, without any obligations on your part.

What is the minimum number of participants you need to make it worth booking a “rent a village by Xnet” event?

You should have a minimum of about 150 participants to ensure a good cost-return on a “rent a village by Xnet” event. For groups of approximately 40 persons and more you do, however, have the option of booking a “rent a village” experience, which contains many of the elements of the “rent a village by Xnet” event.

How long does it take from the first idea to the implementation of a “rent a village by Xnet” event?

On average, it takes approximately six months from the first idea to the implementation of an event. Smaller “rent a village by Xnet” events or “rent a village” experiences can be implemented within three months. In case of larger groups, rooms need to be booked well in advance of the event, ideally one year before.



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