Airbus A380 are huge planes with a wingspan of 262 feet, so it is likely that they won’t do well in tight spaces. Yesterday night, an Air France airbus A380 was taxing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport when its wing clipped the tail of a a Comair commuter jet.

The result was obvious as the commuter jet spun 90 degrees while A380 just went on. Check the video –

The tiny Bombardier aircraft, run by Delta Connection, couldn’t hold its weight in the collision – it spun nearly 90 degrees as the Air France flight continued down the runway. The 62 passengers aboard the pint-sized plane had just arrived from Boston and were given quite a scare. But ABC News reports the pilots seemed more frustrated than scared: “Roll emergency trucks,” the pilot of the Comair flight radioed. “We’ve been hit by — ugh — Air France.”Source:

Fortunately, none of the passengers, 62 on the commuter jet and 520 on the A380, were injured.


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