The supersecret factory of submarine repairing in Balaklava was opened for everybody’s view only in 2003. This unique project was started in 1957, builders worked almost all the day, in three shifts. And the construction was over in 1961. The underground base of the factory served as the military object during the cold war. This object is the building of anti-nuclear protection. In case of danger the factory could automatically and airtightly close and accommodate all the Balaklava population. There was a bakery, storehouses and a hospital, so people might live there for 3 years. The whole area of all rooms and halls is about 5100 square metres.

One of the service exits. This supersecret factory was built for concealment and repairing of submarines and also for ammunition storing.

Antistrike doors were ready to protect from a blast wave and radiation.

The corridor leading to the mine and torpedo part and to the fuel storage.

Torpedoes were brought here without warheads.

A buoyant mine.


Airtight doors again.

Its weight is about 1 ton.

The mechanism of these doors.

Docks for submarine repairing.

The channel for submarines.

Dock walls.

The corridor leading to the ammunition storehouse.

There is a rather high humidity.

The rotary circle for measuring of traverser direction.

The upper submarine hatch.

The equipment of battle dolphin.

Do not touch!

The cut of submarine frame.

The surface ammunition.

The exhibition hall with the periscope.

The surface ship engine telegraph.

The loading area.

“Keep the military and state secret strictly!”

The factory plan.

This place has a special atmosphere of the former secret object.

The entrance for submarines.

The ventilation system still works.

Naval mines.



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