A man was kicked off a  Horizon Air, sister carrier is Alaska Airlines and subsidiary of Alaska Air Group,  flight in Portland last month because at 6 feet 9 inches height, he was too tall to fly. He was flying from Portland to Ontario (California).

Horizon Air spokesperson admitted that man was wrongly removed by the flight attendant as his legs were in the aisle.


“What should have happened in this scenario is the flight attendants should have asked for passengers seated in an exit or bulkhead row to voluntarily give up their seats to provide the passenger with the much-needed leg room he requires,” said Marianne Lindsey, a spokeswoman for Alaska Air.

Lindsey said the airline apologized to the passenger and offered him the value of his ticket off a future flight, which he accepted.Source: www.kptv.com

Makes you wonder, what about all the basketball players? Shaq?



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