Great wartime exhibition has recently been opened in the Central Museum of the Second World War. It is called “Engines of war”. The visitors had the chance to see the vehicles of the WW II perfectly restored and presented. The displays included Soviet vehicles and battle facilities as well as German, Canadian, American and others.

Soviet armoured vehicle BA-64B.

Artillery tractor T-20. Its main purpose was to carry 45-mm cannons.


British truck Morris Commercial C4.

Fire truck Opel Blitz 3,6-6700A TLF15 (Germany).

Commander’s car Willis MB (USA).

French truck Laffly S20TL VDP.

Artillery sight.

Armoured troop carrier Chevrolet C15TA (Canada).

Commander’s car Stoewer Typ 40 Kfz.1 (Germany).

German diesel truck Einheits-Diesel.

Very interesting thematic stands were also displayed.

American truck Dodge WC-63.

German self-propelled gun 10.5cm leFH 18-4 auf Geschutzwagen Lr.S (f) Alkett.

Soviet ambulance GAZ-55.

Symbol of post-war might of the USSR – armoured ZiS-115.

Triaxial truck GMC CCKW-353 (USA).

Chevrolet K51 Panel Van (USA) was used as a mobile radio station.

Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (USA).

Installation with Opel Olimpia.

Soviet truck GAZ MM-B.

Driver’s licence of that time.

Even the staircase to the exhibition hall is decorated according to the general style.

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