This winter different things happened in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve and here is a set of some of them.

Firstly, due to the eruption of the Kizimen a great part of the Kronotsky Reserve territory got covered with ash – in early February 2011 the volcano sent a column of ash several kilometeres high. It affected the deer wintering grounds, and the snow is now grey and dispiriting.

In this photo you see Unacha Volcano (to the right) and the Valaginsky ridge going down to Kronotskoye Lake. The photo was shot from the slope of Smidta Volcano, about a thousand meters high.

The view of Taunshits Volcano. From the ice of Kronotskoye Lake 9 volcanoes can be seen – Kronotsky, Shmidta, Konradi, Kizimen, Unacha, Taunshits, Uzon, Krashennikova and Kihpinych.

The furious Kizimen had shortened the winter – the snow mixed with ash melts amazingly fast…

And here are photos of the foxes’ mating games.

Here is the groom – Lizovin.

And his beautiful bride Liza.


“Lovers’ quarrels are soon mended”.

Liza runs from her groom all the time – she doesn’t hurry to become a mother. A fox pregnancy lasts about 50 days. In Kamchatka, fox-cub usually comes to being in May, but get out from kennel only in June.

In the Kronotsky Nature Reserve you can also meet wolverines – animals that from the first sight are something between a small bear and a big ferret. At first they were quite watchful and wild…

…but after they had some close contacts with people and their life they understood that nobody in the reserve will hurt them.

In course of time they became completely friendly and even visited some keepers’ houses and huts.


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