You have already seen a piece of absolutely beautiful mountainous Georgia in the previous post. And here you can see some more pictures of it.

A landscape on the road from Batumi to Tbilisi.

Paradise places…

But people are quite poor here. A mountainous bus has a breakdown.

One can often see trucks with hay and herdsmen with cows on the road.

A petrol station in severe mountainous conditions.

5 people are squeezed inside the cabin. 3 thrill-seekers jump up on hammocks lying on the hay.


The higher in the mountains you go, the poorer the road and villages become.

The height of the pass is 2031 m.

The asphalt hasn’t been laid here since the time of the USSR.

And these are other mountains – the dawn on the road from Tbilisi to Upper Lars.

Cross Pass across the main Caucasian range. The height is 2379 m.

Tiles of the observation platform.

Tunnels protect the cars from lava. In summer though, one can go round the tunnel along its wall (the road on the left).

Gergeti Village and wonderful Kazbek of 5000 m in height.

5000 m peak of the Caucasus in the east.

Only several kilometers to Russia from this place.

The ruins of the old palace of Queen Tamar.

English Russia


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