The Soyuz TMA-02M capsule carrying three International Space Station crew members landed safely in Arkalyk, northern Kazakhstan. The astronauts stayed for over five months on board the ISS.

Pictured: Attending pesronnel is meeting the capsule.

The three astronauts inside of the capsule.

They’re being helped to get out of the capsule.

A helicopter near Arkalyk.

Welcoming the astronauts.

They pulled the astronauts out of the capsule one by one.

And then, brought them to the medical center.

In the picture: the American astronaut.

The Japanese astronaut and doctors.

Examination of the astronaut from Russia.

The three astronauts and the staff of attendants.

They held a press conference after the successfull landing wearing Kazakh national costumes.

The American astronaut is holding a Russian doll.

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