Giovanni Caprara | Corriere della Sera

Russia and China are betting on mineral exploration on the Moon, says Giovanni Caprara in the article on the website of the newspaper Corriere della Sera . “In the Italian city of Lucca the Third International Conference on Space Research, where the leaders of the largest space agencies the U.S., Europe, China, Russia, Canada and Japan have adopted a road map for space exploration in the future,” – said the publication.


“With regard to research programs, the most concrete plans were China and Russia, who pointed to as a” priority projects “moon. Russian for the first time publicly presented their plans, according to which in 2014, as specified Alex Korostelev, Head of Federal Space Agency of International Cooperation will be implemented to send a probe to investigate the mineral resources of the moon. The probe takes on satellite mikrorover created by Indian scientists. In 2015, on the lunar surface will be sent to another station automatically, but after this mission the astronauts plan to build a colony. In addition, it is assumed creation of a manned station in lunar orbit, “- says the author.


“According to Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of China Cao Jianlin, Beijing has developed an extensive program of exploration of the moon, – transfers edition. – At the present time around the Earth’s satellite is rotating probe,” Chang’e-2 “, and in 2014 the Chinese intend to deliver on the moon mikrorover analysis the lunar surface to study the natural resources of the cosmic body. In 2017 the Chinese are planning to send a probe to the moon, which will bring to earth the collected samples. During this mission, followed by a landing on the moon taikonaut. At the present time, Chinese scientists have conducted in-orbit tests of the first space station module ” Tyangun-1 “, which will be built by 2020.”


“Russia and China are showing great interest in the natural resources of the Moon” – sums Giovanni Caprara.


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