For the iPhone 5, it’s a matter of release date, now up in the air after so many years of iPhone launch windows having been predictable. For the iPhone 4S, the supposed “battery bug” is at the center of attention. And for the iPad 3, rather predictably arriving in March, the vital question becomes whether its screen can be upgraded to the same Retina Display quality which the smaller iPhone has offered for nearly a year and a half.

iPhone 5 release date

iPhone 5 release date: Until this year, Apple had launched a new iPhone generation every summer since 2007. All bets are off now, as the iPhone 4S arrived in October after evidence had pointed all year to the iPhone 5 arriving this year instead. So now the generational spread and the launch timeframe are out the window. Apple could give the 4S a full year and save the iPhone 5 release date for next October. Or it could restore the summer launch window by moving the iPhone 5 to a WWDC 2012 arrival. Or, if the current strong iPhone 4S sales don’t hold up so well after the holidays, it could release the iPhone 5 as soon as next spring. As we said, all bets are off. In any case, expect the iPhone 4S to stick around in the iPhone 5 era. Speaking of the iPhone 4S…

iPhone 4S battery issue: Last year, a handful of disgruntled individuals concocted an “iPhone 4 antenna defect” which never existed. All smartphones can be squeezed in one unnatural way or another so as to knock a bar or two off their reception, and the cretins who invented the antenna hoax took full advantage of the fact that most of the public isn’t aware of it. Even after Steve Jobs himself got onstage and demonstrated that all smartphones are the same when it comes to antenna grips, it was still mis-reported that he got up on stage and “admitted the iPhone 4 antenna issue existed” which a flat-out lie. But then, the jackasses who created the iPhone 4 antenna hoax were for the most part the same jackasses who write tech headlines. Not until Apple gave these cretin headline writers a free iPhone cases did they finally cease their smear campaign. So it’s tough to put a gauge on just how real or fake this newly supposed “iPhone 4S battery bug” might be. We’ve had a small number of reports from readers who say they’ve been affected by the issue, which means the issue ie likely affecting only a small minority of iPhone 4S users. And yet many headlines claim that the issue is affecting all iPhone 4S users, which is immediately verifiable as being false. Either way, it’ll all go away when Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 and whatever fraction of iPhone 4S users who’ve seen swift battery drain will be rescued. In the mean time, Apple-hating headline writers will continue to intentionally overblow the issue in the name of trying to scare people out of buying Apple products.

iPad 3 screen: Among the litany of questions regarding the iPad 3, from what it’ll look like to what new hardware features it’ll offer to what flavor of iOS 5.x it’ll run, the most hyped at the moment is what level of quality its screen will offer. Apple managed to get the screen resolution on the iPhone 4 and 4S so high that it’s as dense as the human eye can detect (hence the “Retina Diplay” moniker), meaning that the iPhone 5 needn’t offer an even higher resolution screen as no one would be able to tell the difference. But owing to its much larger screen size, the iPad 2 hasn’t gotten to that level just yet. There’s some talk that the new iPad 3 might simply be “HD” or high definition, rather than fully reaching the upper end of what the human eye can see with Retina Display. Either way, expect the iPad 3 screen to be an improvement over the iPad 2 – the vital question is by how much. One thing we do know about the iPad 3 is that it should see release before the iPhone 5.

iPad 3 release date


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