The Difference between Global and Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search engine optimization – has been an internet buzzword for some time. Most people are starting to understand that they need SEO in order to make sure that their website is found on Google and the other search engines. However, the rules of SEO change often and where it was once global, the new buzzword is around local search engine optimization instead now. All SEO efforts are designed to help businesses get more customers to their site. With global SEO, they can come from anywhere but with local SEO they come from the geographical area in which the company is also located.

About Global and Local SEO

Both types of SEO relay on IP addresses and keywords in order to get traffic. However, local SEO focuses more strongly on IP addresses, as this identifies just where an online user is located. However, keywords are equally important in both types of SEO. However, the keywords change a bit with local efforts, in as such that the name of the location is added to the keyword. The problem is, however, that many place names exist in many different countries. For instance, Durham is found in both the USA and the UK.

There is another difference and that has to do with a further development in Google rules. Not only does Google like local SEO, they now also like mobile SEO. This is because mobile internet use is up and is set to soon take over the amount of internet use through desktop and laptop computers. At the same time, however, there are still a lot of locations around the world where mobile technology is still used solely for what it was designed for: making and receiving telephone calls. However, Google is addressing this as well by trying to get the entire world online. As such, mobile SEO is more closely related to global SEO.

The language used between the two types of SEO is also very different. This is because of the fact that different cultures use different languages and language nuances. Looking back at the Durham example, a search term of ‘private organisation Durham’ would be relating to the UK, whereas ‘private organization Durham’ would be based on the USA.

The bottom line is the fact that local businesses are trying once again to reach local customers. This is also because all the mom and pop stores that are still on the high street are developing websites, but they still want to attract customers who actually come to their physical store. For those types of stores, the advice is to always start with global SEO and to then start focusing on local SEO. At the same time, they have to also make their website mobile friendly, or neither of their SEO efforts will work properly.

All of this sounds highly complex, which, in fairness, it is. This is why it is important to work together with an experienced SEO company, who can not only explain the process, but manage it as well.


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