The LulzSec boys and girls have decided to take their fight one step further. Deviating from their standard method of Hacking (usually, they attack sites they like to point out security flaws), LulzSec decided to attack the US Senate’s servers.

Interestingly enough, their message to the US Senate was very simple. They claim this move is "just-for-kicks release of some internal data from – is this an act of war, gentlemen? Problem?"

Strangely, I get the feeling that the US Senate may take this move a bit personally. While the FBI are no closer at identifying anyone from LulzSec (nor from Anonymous, I might add), it seems that this is the type of stuff you would probably want to avoid doing if you didn’t want to get caught. But, then again, No Guts, No Glory!

To prove their deed, LulzSec have released an immense amount of server information about the machine they broke into. You can view the server info here. A quick glance doesn’t seem to show any personal information, or any real critical information. The text doc just proves that they were on the serverand could retrieve info if they had chosen to. 

Speaking of Anonymous, they made the headlines too. They have decided to point their cross-hairs at Ben Bernanke … insisting he resign or face the consequences. More on that from Russia Today:

You can watch the official Anonymous video here:

While a piece of me wishes I had the skills of LulzSec and Anonymous, another piece of me knows that even with those skills, I don’t have the balls to take on the US Senate, or Ben Barnanke. Well, once again, my advice to both is to watch your back because I’m sure the Feds are watching at least a few of them by now.

… oh, and I would like to reiterate … please, be gentle with talesmen.


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