I remember dreaming of building a tree house as a child. I had seen that some of the neighbors kids had one, and so I intended to build one on my own. While I had no real knowledge of how to build one, I did what most kids probably do … I grabbed some wood, a hammer and nails, then started to put something together. With the help of my friends, we eventually got something up. Sure, it was terrible, incredibly dangerous and ugly as sin, but it was mine!

My friends and I played in that house for an entire afternoon (maybe two) before our parents caught on, dismantled it, and told us never to do that again. It was fun while it lasted.

I am now incredibly jealous of two kids, Lincoln and Sullivan Scott, who had the most incredible grand parents on the planet. Steve and Jeri Wakefield, the grandparents of Lincoln and Sullivan, decided that their grandchildren were in dire need of an elaborate tree house. So, with the help of a family friend, they put together a house that just happens to be in a tree. 

Their elaborate construction must have been heaven to their grand-kids. I know as a child, I would have never left. To make matters more interesting, as the kids grew Steve and Jeri would build additions on the house to make sure the kids were still interested in it. These additions included a climbing wall, rope ladder, suspension bridge and zip line. WOW!

This project was completed almost 10 years ago, and since then Lincoln and Sullivan have grown out of tree houses. So, not to have such an amazing project go to waste, Steve and Jeri allow the neighborhood kids to come and play in it, breathing new life into their amazing structure. Their Dallas suburb home is now the centerpiece of the neighborhood, likely attracting children from neighboring towns as well. 

More people should be like Steve and Jeri Wakefield, enriching their community. This is a truly generous gesture to perform and I hope that Steve and Jeri enjoy watching the kids play at least half as much as the kids enjoy playing.

Here are a collection of photos I have found of this incredible tree house. The kid in me wishes I could go visit that house and play in it a bit, too.


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