For some reason, which only Facebook knows, FEMEN’s Facebook Account suddenly began to work again. We had previously covered FEMEN’s outrage at being banned by facebook, then their retaliation at Ukraine’s Internet Forum. Whether the retaliation rippled through Facebook’s administration, eventually leading to their being unblocked is unknown, but regardless FEMEN is very pleased.

On their website, FEMEN has released a press statement … I will do my best to translate:

Yesterday, Facebook’s administration unconditionally unblocked FEMEN’s Facebook account ( Facebook decided to give FEMEN a present.

We hope that the conflict between FEMEN’s topless format and Facebook have been resolved. We are thankful for Ukraine’s and the International media for bringing the pressure regarding our position on Facebook. We hope that YouTube will soon follow suit. Internet Without Censorship!

Hopefully Google will soon follow suit. It looks like I was wrong about FEMEN’s clothing choices … I wonder what else I have been wrong about.

(btw, the sign read “Go Up an Ass”)


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