Microsoft has now started shipping Windows 8 to ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) and OEMs (OriginalEquipment Manufacturers) early access to one of the first Windows 8 version to begin testing the new operating system version. Continue Reading to know more about this update:

The fact that the software giant has already started to provide trial versions of Windows 8 to PC manufacturersconfirmed that everything goes smoothly with regard to development plans for the platform, whose launch is planned for late 2012. This premature version of new OS is available for all major Microsoft Technology partners as well as a select group of Beta Testers through Microsoft Connect. However, according to rumors about Windows 8, it will bring significant improvements, especially in the field of Tablet Market for systems that is now a special emphasis bymanufacturers.

This version of Windows 8 is a preview of the public Beta version of Windows 8 that is planned to be release in September 2011 and includes a pre-version of Internet Explorer 10.

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