Four Benefits of Using Memes for Marketing

Memes – you’ve probably seen these funny pictures, videos and GIFs doing their rounds on social media, racking up shares, likes and comments along the way. But, did you know that the internet meme can be used to significantly grow your business? When it comes to online marketing, memes are top dog – they hold a lot of power for gaining new followers and generating a lot of new interest in your brand and product. Let’s have a look at just some of the ways memes can help your business to expand.

Social Media

In today’s digital age it’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t use at least one social media account. With millions of people using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep connected to both personal and business contacts, it makes sense that millions of companies worldwide are also realizing the importance of having an active and up to date social media account. Attracting followers to your social media account means building your customer base, and memes are the perfect method of doing this.

Broadcasting Your Message

All good brands have a message to send out to their target audience – and whatever yours may be, memes can be the perfect messenger boy. These humorous images are catchy and trendy, making them much more likely to attract attention than a lengthy blog post. Not to mention that people like funny – and using a meme that generates laughter as well as engagement is likely to attract a lot more genuine attention to the message that you’re trying to get across.

Customer Engagement

The businesses who have the best results know that not everything has to be serious all of the time. The most memorable advertisements are those which use humor, and making people laugh is one of the most effective results that a business could hope to get from their marketing efforts. With memes, you can engage with your customers and show them that your brand has a sense of humor that they can relate to – something which will not only earn you increased customer numbers, but more customer loyalty when it’s done right.

How to Use Memes

Using a meme to market your business and promote your brand is not always as simple as it looks. It’s important to understand that memes have a lifecycle, and some memes are shorter-lived than others. When choosing a meme to use for marketing purposes, it’s always essential to analyze it in order to determine which stage of the lifecycle it’s currently in: birth and growth, peak, decline, or death. Choosing a meme that’s already enjoyed its peak stage will render poor results as opposed to going with one that’s in one of the first two stages. It’s also important to consider the message you’re using the meme to broadcast – it will need to be related to your business or industry and ideally include a call for action to encourage viewers to visit your site.

Memes are one of the most cost-effective tools that you can use for online marketing today.



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