Talk and talk about hydrogen cars, manufactured for commercial purpose,  goes on and on for a long while but it seems as something will come out of that talk, finally. Japanese automaker Suzuki and British company Intelligent Energy opened in Yokohama (Japan), a joint venture for the production of hydrogen fuel cells to be used by Suzuki cars.

According , Intelligent Energy, already designed a hydrogen fuel cell, and gave further rights to this development to Suzuki Co.

Previously the news about joining forces to develop vehicles on hydrogen fuel cells have been announced by: Daimler, Nissan and Ford. Their experts are going to create a power plant, which will be in the future used in the models of those three automakers.

The BMW and Toyota also jointly develop such a power plant. Developments in this area are going on by other global automakers.

Cars with hydrogen power plants will be driven by electric motors, but electricity is produced for them during the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Such a device is environmentally friendly – its only emission is water.  I am sure, sooner or later the hydrogen cars will be on our roads and that will be a true revolution!




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