The XL1 will be on show at next month's Geneva Motor Show with the first models produced by the end of 2013

Debut of a new vehicle planned for March at the Motor Show in Geneva, and the end of the year the factory in Osnabrück plans to produce 50 of the carbon fiber cars by the end of the year

Volkswagen have so far refused to give any indication on how much the two-seater will cost

 The manufacturer claims that on a hundred kilometers a new model will consume about 0.9 liters of fuel, and its CO2 emissions will not exceed 21 grams per kilometer. As noted by The Daily Mail , that is a quarter of the amount that produces “green” Toyota Prius.

The structure of the hybrid power plant consists of 48-hp two-cylinder diesel engine of 800 cc, 27-horsepower electric motor, seven-step “robot” DSG double-clutch and a set of lithium-ion battery capacity of 5.5 kilowatt-hour set in front of the XL1. To reach a hundred km/h of hybrid can in 12.7 seconds. Maximum speed – 160 miles per hour.

Weight of the car through the extensive use of carbon fiber in the construction does not exceed 795 kilograms 230 pounds body weight, 227 pounds – power plant (including battery), 153 kg – chassis, 105 pounds – all electrics and 80 kilograms – salon equipment, including chair. Suspension – aluminum, anti-roll bars – carbon, and brake discs – ceramic, said .

On the electric engine, double sitter novelty, can drive for 50 miles. At full-capacity with 10-liter fuel tank cruising range increased to 496 kilometers.  Not bad at all!

The two engines sit at the rear, with the high-voltage battery that powers the electric motor at the front




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