Rex, that is the name of a new “hero” in England – revealed to the media on February 5 at the Museum of Science. Ordinary visitors will appreciate the unique creation of British scientists today. “A new species of man” is made up of artificial bionic limbs and organs with the use of advanced technology prosthetics. The brainchild of British scientists has a human face, can hear, see, walk and even can talk.

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The main creator of Rex is a social psychologist from Switzerland Berthold Meyer, but even he “does not feel very comfortable standing next to his incarnation”.
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The “new man” has had a hefty price tag, it cost (to scientists) up to a $ 1 million: all artificial organs for Rex were brought from all over the world. The backbone is the bionic robot exoskeleton due to which people with paralyzed legs could regain the ability to walk.
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Rex’s “eyes” replaced by a bunch microchamber and a special microchip that integrates into the retina of the human eye and converts the signal from the camera into visual images, subsequently applied to the respective part of the brain.
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Rex – the first in world history bionic man with an artificial heart and circulatory system. All details of the robot – existing dentures, and individually are widely used in medicine to save lives.
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