According to MacStoriesApple is going to release iOS 4.3 possibly on 14th February. This is another major update with potential fixes of several bugs and improved support for Airplay. Continue Reading to know the details: According to John Grubber, who shares an interesting view on the situation from his review of Verizon’s iPhone.

At some point in the next two weeks or so, Apple holds an announcement regarding in-app subscription APIs (and, I suspect, given this week’s news regarding in-app payments for third-party book stores, other in-app purchasing changes). At this point, Apple releases a new version of iOS with support for in-app subscription purchasing and the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Apple releases that iOS update prior to February 10, the date the iPhone 4 is slated to arrive in Verizon customers’ hands.

That’s all truly just a guess on my part though. I could be wrong. For one thing, The Daily is an iPad-only app, and tethering is an iPhone-only feature. But I suspect that Apple now prefers to keep iOS versions in sync between iPhone and iPad – and surely, there will be subscription payment apps that work on both devices.

So, there is a possibility that most probably Apple will officially public release iOS 4.3 with some major updates on February 14th. So, stay Tuned.

Now what do you say about this update?

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