Playing soccer can be dangerous in some countries as fans tend to take it a little too much passion into their teams. Romania seems no different as Dragos Petrut Enache, a Petrolul Ploiesti fan, was arrested for attacking Steaua Bucuresti player George Galamaz with a hard object during the Petrolul Ploiesti – Steaua Bucuresti match in Ploiesti (Romania).

The League I match turned into a real fight on Sunday night after a Steaua Bucuresti player was hit by a supporter who entered the pitch and the goalkeeper suffered burns due to a small explosive thrown onto the pitch.

George Galamaz, from Steaua, suffered a cheek bone fracture, and is expected to need 45 days of medical care. Goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu, suffered burns to the neck and the back.

Several players fought back the fans who had entered the field.

The match Petrolul Ploiesti – Steaua Bucuresti (0-2) was suspended after the first half due to the violence displayed by the Petrolul Ploiesti supporters. Source:

The attack prompted the referee stopped but Ploiesti fans soon began throwing flares onto the pitch, one of which struck Steaua goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu.

Daily Mail reports that the fan was high on drugs.

Prosecutors said that the fan, Dragos Petrut Enache, used a hard object to hit Galamaz and that he was high on drugs when he committed the attack on Sunday. Source:

Enache has been charged with disturbing public order and committing violence.
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