Two Iranian soccer players were suspended indefinitely after one was seen squeezing the other’s butt during goal celebration. Persepolis defender Mohammed Nosrati was caught on video squeezing teammate Sheis Rezaei’s bottom during a 3-2 win over Damash Gilan. The game was broadcasted live to millions.

“Immoral acts” was cited as the reason for the ban. And as you can guess, homosexuality is illegal in Iran (assuming that it is a choice). Both the players have been fined for around $50,000.

Jalal Yahyazadeh, a cleric and member of parliament, called it a “shameless act” and added that it had “upset, angered and outraged” all sports fans.

“What happened is absolutely not acceptable because it was a very ugly thing,” he said, adding that the country¹s sports minister should be held accountable.

What about hugging and kissing other men? That is OK?






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