Some coaches make you go though team building exercises, others hire team building coaches but Miroslav Ciro Blazevi of Bosnia-Herzegovina soccer (for rest of the world outside US – football) team orders his players to kiss on each other’s lips.

Football coach orders players to kiss each other on the lips

Bosnia's head coach Miroslav Blazevi


“I take two of my players and tell them, ‘Love him! Kiss him!’ and he kisses him.”

He claimed the unorthodox morale-boosting exercise has already proven successful: Mr Blazevic has taken the squad further than ever before in the World Cup.

“They I tell them they have to kiss each other straight to the lips,” the coach wrote in his column in Croatian news website

“The secret of my success is in a unity of a squad. You can’t do anything without an atmosphere in a team,” he explained.

His revelation came after Vincenzo Santoruvo, the Italian striker, amazed fans by planting a kiss on a team mate’s lips after scoring for Serie B club Frosinone.



If the guys are gay and are attracted to each other, then it might be ok, but other than that kissing on the lips is a little too much for me!


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