Female athletes are very muscular and toned which tends to scare some men in this world.  To us, a naked female athlete is like a portrait that should be hanging in a museum.  Their toned arms, abs, and legs look like they are painted by an artist that knows what we are looking for.

We scoured the internet for the 50 hottest nude female athletes to pose for us to enjoy.  We hope that you enjoy this list as much as we did!

Paige Selensk stars off our list showing us that field hockey players are sneak sexy.  Who would have thought that a sport like that would keep a girl in such great shape?  She might have the best abs on this list!

Paige Selensk has amazing abs

Paige Selensk playing hockey naked

Paige Selensk is one sexy naked female athlete

Jamie Anderson is one of the leading snowboarders in our generation.  She has won several gold medals in slopestyle events and is one of the sexiest naked female athletes on our list.

Jamie Aanderson is one sexy nake female athlete

Sexy blond athlete posing

I just want to push her into the snow

Ali Krieger is a soccer player for the US womans national soccer team.  Soccer sure does do great things for her body.

Ali Kreiger is a very toned woman

One of our favorite nude female athletes

play hard and get a body like this

Aly Raisman was the captain on the female gymastics team that took home the gold medal in the 2012 summer olympics.  Gymnastics does great things to your body!

Aly Raisman lloking great

Aly Raisman is an amazing athlete

One of the greatest looking naked female athletes

Amanda Bingson is an American track and field hammer thrower.

Amanda Bingson can throw a hammer far

This blond beauty is a 7-time olympic medalest swimmer.

Amanda Beard see thru is as amazing as you imagined

This lovely naked female athlete is Briddnet Griner.  She is a womans professional basketball player.

Brittney Griner can ball

Brittney Griner can outplay most boys

Brittney Griner has some sexy tatoos

Brittney Griner is a sexy female athlete

Carly Booth is one of the sexiest golfers you will ever see.

Carly Booth looks great posing on a stool

Carly Booth naked golfing

Chantae Mcillan is a great looking American heptathlete who competed in the 2012 summer olympics

Chantae McMillan is great at everything

Naked female athlete - Chantae McMillan

Coco Ho is one of the sexiest surfers of our generation.  That is what lands her a spot on this list.

coco ho naked surfing

coco ho looking great topless

Courtney Force is a female drag racer that can make the men cry.

Courtney Force is always ready to race

Courtney Force posing naked female athlete

Courtney Force gasing up her car

Wakeboarders are hot already, but this nude female athlete is just unbelievable.  Dallas Friday is the blond that shows up in your dreams!

Dallas Friday nude wakeboarder

Dallas Friday showing off her toned body

Diana Taurasi is the second female professional basketball player on our list.

Diana Taurasi is one hot baller

Gretchen Bleiler is a professional snowboarder.  She specializes in the half-pipe and has won several medals in her carrer.

Gretchen Bleiler getting ready for the halfpipe

Does anyone not know Hope Solo?

Khatuna Lorig is an olympic archer originally from the country of Georgia.  She is worthy of making this list for sure.

Khatuna Lorig is one sexy archer

naked female athlete archers on the loose

Leticia Bufoni is one of the sexiest skateboarders you will ever see.  Check out this sexy naked female athlete.

Leticia Bufoni is too sexy

Leticia Bufoni sexy pose

Marlen Esparza is a sexy female boxer that competed in the 2012 summer olympics.

Marlen Esparza gets my vote

Miesha Tate is one of the best looking mixed martial artist of our time.  Don’t tell her I said that!

Miesha Tate is so good looking

Miesha Tate can kick you but

this is not the naked female athlete to pick a fight with

Natalie Coughlin holds all sorts of swimming olympic records, including being the only woman in modern olympic history to win six medals in one olympiad.  Swimming had made her one of the hottest naked female athletes on this list.  Look at those tan lines!

Natalie Coughlin still nooks great

Natalie Coughlin skinny dipping in the pool

she still looks great

Venis Williams is dominant on the tennis court and must stay in shape to stay on top.
Venis Williams is very nice

She can grunt all she wants looking like that

Another great looking nude female athlete

Nicole Reinhardt is a German sprint cannoer who posed for playboy in 2008.

nicole reinhardt naked female athlete

Another nude shot of nicole reinhardt naked female athlete

Suzann Pettersen is the last naked female athlete on our list, but not the least attractive.  This is the second professional golfer on the list but she is second to no one!

Suzann Pettersen hanging out

Suzann Pettersen practicing naked


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