How was your day? 
Mine could be best described with an acronym made famous by the Dreamcatcher – the excellent novel (also adapted to the big screen) by Stephen King. SSDD – meaning “Same Sh*t, Different Day”. 
Wake up early, not nearly having slept enough to feel rested. Quick, wash your face and teeth, grab a coffee, sip a few while looking for the clothes to wear today. Get dressed, stupid tie, a few more sips of coffee. Jack honks in front of the house – he is here to give you a ride to work. Finish coffee in a hurry, grab your stuff, lock the door, leave. Stress at work. Stupid customers, stupid coworkers. A few bites of a turkey sandwich at noon. You skipped breakfast again. The sandwich tastes like cardboard. Ain’t nobody got time for more. A few more hours of work, then finally the end of the day – or is it? Boss man say you have to do some overtime. More coffee. Finally done. Go home.
TV dinner, in front of the TV to be faithful to its name. The news. Bombings. World Cup. Shooting in the East. Who cares. The frozen meal tastes like cardboard again. Quick, take a shower, wash your teeth and go to sleep. You hit the bunk, but can’t sleep. You had too much coffee. Should you turn on the TV? Nah, who needs that sh*t. Instead… what?
When in such a situation, you need something to help you finally calm down at the end of a stressful day. Some read a book, others settle for a cup of warm milk with some honey in it (helps keep the cough away as well). I found the best way to relax after such a day: slot machines. Let me explain.
The slot machine is the simplest game one can play. It needs the player to do just one thing to play – push a button. Beyond that, there is nothing the player is required to do but wait for the reels to stop, and then push the button again. That’s it. 
A slot machine doesn’t need focus, doesn’t need decisions, doesn’t need any thinking on the player’s side. It only needs luck and the intention to play. That’s it. This is why it is one of the most relaxing games in the world.
OK, “slot machine” is a very generic term. What should you play? Well, the possibilities are countless. You can find some free slot machines on the internet, there are quite a few running on Facebook, too, if you want to make it social. But I have found that the best ones are those available at a real money online casino. Canada residents (my neighbors) have just a few to choose from, but people in other countries have tons to choose from. Some don’t even want your money – they let you play their games for free.
Sleepless? Try a slot machine – it will help you relax, get sleepy, and avoid bad dreams (caused by the stress and the news on TV). You won’t regret it.


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