Badminton World Federation (BWF) has found a new way to make women’s badminton a little more popular. They have passed a new code, which requires all female players to wear skirts in major tournaments in order "to ensure attractive presentation of badminton."

"Sometimes it is necessary to make rules to get a consistent implementation," BWF deputy president Paisan Rangsikitpho said in a statement on Friday.

"We are, however, always willing to listen to the players, which is why we have decided to delay the implementation date … to be able to advise and have a dialogue with the players on the implementation guidelines."Source:

The code was supposed to start on May 1 but now has been delayed to June 1. So, for Li Ning Singapore Open, the Indoor Stadium from June 14 to 19, all female badminton players will have to wear skirts. The new rule has been center of controversy as lot of nations are protesting it.

Pakistan announced that it won’t adhere to the rule.

"World Badminton Federation should not make wearing of skirts by female players mandatory. Our religious beliefs and norms do not allow our lady players to wear skirts," said Syed Naqi Mohsin, senior vice president of the Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF)
Mohsin, also vice president of Badminton Asia Confederation, noted that the BWF had stated that its new regulations will not, in any way, discriminate against any religion or other beliefs.

“But how can wearing skirts by Muslim lady players not clash with their religion and other beliefs prevalent in a Muslim country?” he asked.

“Pakistani lady players have been playing in international tournaments in trousers. They even participate in the Asian Games in the same attire as exemption was given to them in deference to their Islamic beliefs. The Iranian girls play in trousers with a head scarf," he said.Source:

India is also protesting the rule.

"You cannot make it compulsory for everyone to wear skirts," said India’s doubles specialist Jwala Gutta.

"It depends on each individual and their comfort level. I am not sure people will like being told what to wear and what not to."Source:

Even Sweden is against the new rule.

“You don’t know whether to laugh or cry, really,” Sweden’s national badminton team manager Håkan Croona told news agency TT.

“I really can’t see how that would attract more viewers,” Thomas Ansgarth, chairman of the Swedish Badminton Federation told The Local.Source:

Malaysia and Indonesia are also reported to be protesting the new rule.

Earlier female players had an option to wear shorts or skirts and now the players will have a choice of a skirt or a dress.

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