What about that – Polyunsaturated fatty acids in walnuts, helps improve sperm quality and, consequently, mens ability to reproduce. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at University of California, Los Angeles. The study, which was attended by 117 men aged 21 to 35 years, were published in the journal Biology of Reproduction.

Before the start of the experiment and after 12 weeks quality of sperm from volunteers were analyzed. In particular, the researchers were interested in sperm concentration, viability, motility, morphology, and chromosomal changes.

The researchers found that the volunteers whose diet included nuts, have increased levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3, as well as significantly improved parameters of male fertility. At the same time in the control group in whose diet did not include nuts, did not show any changes.

The researchers say that the results of the experiment need to be studied further. Scientists have yet to see whether the ordinary supplement to the diet of walnuts to solve the problem of infertility in young men.


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